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Tiffany Blue Tesla Model S On Vossen Hybrid Forged HF-4T Wheels



This Model S features a Tiffany Blue wrap, a set of Vossen Wheels and carbon fiber aero additions

Alright, this is definitely not your run-of-the-mill Tesla Model S. This Model S is a thing of beauty. Featuring a gorgeous Tiffany Blue wrap, done by Signature Custom Wraps and a set of Vossen Hybrid Forged HF-4T wheels, it looks incredible. And that’s an understatement. This is certainly one of the most striking Model S builds to date, as it pretty much checks all the boxes and redefines what a tuned Tesla Model S should look like.

The wrap is a thing of beauty, as said earlier. While we don’t see a lot of this baby blue on vehicles these days, it really looks incredible on a vehicle like the Model S. Furthermore, it resembles some finishes like Porsche’s Mexico Blue, which another striking choice for a car as well. However, it’s the level of detail put into this build and an almost impeccable result that sets this Tesla Model S apart from the rest of the pack. While the wrap may be the first thing you’ll notice with this ride, it also comes with a set of cool looking Vossen Wheels. For this build, the customer went with a set of Vossen Hybrid Forged HF-4T wheels, sized 22×9 in the front and 22×10 in the rear. Furthermore, the wheels come with a Silver Polished finish, giving the wheel setup a perfect finishing touch.

In addition to the wrap and wheels, the Model S is also equipped with some carbon fiber parts. Namely, in the front, you’ll see a carbon fiber lip spoiler, wrapped in the same Tiffany Blue as the rest of the car. Additionally, a set of side skirts, wrapped the same, graces the sides of this vehicle. In the back, a rear bumper replacement graces the vehicle, wrapped in the same blue, while a naked carbon fiber rear decklid spoiler tops off the look.

You can grab a detailed look at this Tiffany Blue Tesla Model S On Vossen Hybrid Forged HF-4T wheels in a video and media gallery added right below.

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